UWC DILIJAN Support Programme

The project's mission is to provide young people with a well-rounded education based on the highest academic standards and deep intercultural understanding.


UWC Dilijan is an international boarding school for students aged 16 to 19. It is the first UWC College in the post-Soviet space. Today, UWC includes 18 educational institutions around the world. The mission of the movement is "to make education a force to unite people, nations and cultures for peace and a sustainable future”.  Students over 80 countries, including Russia, attend UWC Dilijan. The teaching is conducted in English in accordance with the two-year International Baccalaureate program (IB Diploma Programme).

Socially oriented programs are an integral part of education. Thanks to them, students are able to interact with locals, particularly children and young people, learn about and contribute to the resolution of local problems.  

Almost all students receive need-based scholarships, which either fully or partially cover the cost of education and living expenses. The scholarship system allows for real geographic, cultural and social diversity, and due to this, kids see each other as human beings rather than their status and background.

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students from over 70 countries each year


Received a full or partial scholarship


teachers and professionals from 16 countries


Alumni from 120 countries


Alumni continued their education at leading universities of the world.

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Organization: Schools for Peace Foundation
TIN: 7730183783
CAT: 770401001
OGRN/OGRNIP: 1107799008217
Bill: 40703810238170002654
BIC: 044525225
Name of the Bank: PJSC SBERBANK
C/S: 30101810400000000225

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In this box, it is important to indicate that the charitable donation is made for the foundation's statutory purposes (allowing you to support one or more of the foundation's charitable initiatives, depending on current needs) or for a specific program.
For your convenience, below are possible options for completing the box:
- Charitable donation for the program "Education of Russian high school students at UWC colleges and schools", VAT exempt.
- Charitable donation for the program to support talented students "Above Dreams", VAT exempt.
- Charitable donation for statutory purposes, VAT exempt
- Charitable donation for the program "Aurora Humanitarian Initiative", VAT exempt.

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UWC DILIJAN Support Programme
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